How Do You Look At the World?

A lot of people will ask me how I look at the world. I tell them I look at the the world from where I am looking at the world. Because no one will be able to look at the world the same way I do. With 7.2 billion different experiences, memories, thoughts, and actions – how we look at the world is different from the rest of us. The beauty of this is that by talking to people, engaging in deep conversation, and intentional relationship building – it is possible to learn 7.2 billion different ways to look at the world. Every human being you talk to looks at the world differently, experiences the world differently, and learns different things throughout the day. No matter how similar two individuals may be – they still experience the world differently and most importantly they have different memories in their lifetime. It’s not because of perception, but it’s more so of lack or more of understanding. The way we understand things is based on our experiences in our pasts. How we react to things in our lives is based upon what we know from before.

For me I wasted so many years of my life accomplishing near to nothing and learning near to nothing. Before 2015 I was a a little bit of a loser. I had addictions, I was a lost, didn’t have major plans, goals, or dreams for my life, I stayed at home and played video games for 10 hours a day (That isn’t exaggeration by the way). I watched a lot of TV, I stayed in my comfort zone, I made irrational decisions and never thought about things before I did them or said them. If you were to ask me how I looked at the world two years ago I would’ve responded by telling you something sarcastic, demeaning, and apathetic. To say it in the least – I was apathetic. It wasn’t till I developed a relationship with Jesus Christ is when I destroyed the apathy inside of me and become an incredibly energized human being who cared the world for everyone around him, cared for the quality of education in the world, cared for the genuine well-being of humans across the globe, and ultimately became someone who was so pumped up all the time simply because he knew the incredible opportunities that lie everywhere in our world. I saw the world as a buffet. But not as a gross, low-quality, Chinese-American buffet. I saw hundreds, thousands, if not millions of golden opportunities to learn something everywhere I looked. Learning through experience is one of the most powerful things a human can utilize if understood correctly. In the last 16 months of my life I have learned some of the most important things in life. Because of the good and the bad I have experienced and because of the beautifully wise, successful, and model-like people that I surround myself with –  I have genuinely learned some of the most important aspects of life that have helped shape me into the person I am today. I have been learning how to be a successful business owner (in all areas of business), how to be a loving and caring husband and daddy, and how to be a leader who empowers people to be the best self they can be. I have learned to how to be a true student of life.

Being a student of life is when you have the wisdom to know that learning doesn’t only come from a school setting and sitting in class staring at a whiteboard. In fact you might be so wise to understand the lack of genuine experiential education cannot be truly obtained and adapted in a school setting, but that is a blog for another day. You have to realize that life offers you an incredibly overwhelming amount lessons to learn. As a human and as a child of God I should be constantly seeking for ways to grow. Growth will benefit you with wisdom, knowledge, self-motivation, and a better understanding of our world – simply because you have been growing constantly in our world. Growth comes from experience and experience comes from opportunity.


How you look at the world, the decisions you make on a daily basis, the thoughts that you think about throughout the day is deeply rooted from the small actions you might have made many years ago. Truth be told that it isn’t the major choices we make in our life that counts the most, but it’s the minor decisions we make that truly makes life work for us. We find our identity, self worth, and gratification in our experiences in life.  We’ve become so passionate with how we look at the world that we’ve come to realize that we’re right all the time and everyone else is wrong or “doesn’t understand”. If you can remember back when “The Dress” broke the internet you’ll be able to understand a great example of this. This dress was seen as two different color patterns, black and blue or white and gold (which for the record the dress was black and blue) everyone got extremely emotionally attached to whether this dress was the color that they are seeing or that people are agreeing with them. Why did this dress break the internet and become one of the most talked about about things in our media, world, and daily lives? A friend of mine named Lauren Duffy says, “I think the reason it was so popular was because our generation craves to be right, and to prove something wrong.” This dress showed how opinionated we have become as a society. It’s shown how quickly we are to open our voice about what we believe and be very passionate about it. We’ll stand behind what we believe in in efforts to prove how strong or right we are as a human being. It’s like debating – most debates don’t get anyone anywhere because most of the time both parties speak and debate from emotion (experience). In the same way it could also be why young adults and teens feel disregarded by older generations and it could be why most millennials have such strong disagreements. It’s because we believe that we’re right and nobody else knows more than us. In the same way this could also refer to middle child syndrome. Middle children (like myself) tend to often misbehave or create a scene to get attention. They’ll often be less parent-dependent than older and younger siblings. Middle children are excellent negotiators. Middles have gotten used to not getting their own way during their childhood so they have become trained, skillful manipulators.They are capable of seeing most sides of a question and they understanding and judge reactions well, often intuitive.  The characteristics of middle children is so incredibly fascinating but most of all these characteristics can be linked to their childhood experiences. They constantly questioned their position in the family, they constantly looked for their niche in the family, they focused on their self more because nobody else gave them attention. These thoughts in our heads that cause us to act and think in the way we do is the result of our childhood experiences or our experiences in life as a whole. Who we are as a human today is deeply rooted in how we lived our lives in the past. In the outstanding book “Outliers”, Malcom Gladwell intricately studies the most successful people in our world. Malcom Gladwell shows how most successful people are who they are today not solely on hard work (which is often the misconception in being successful) but taking advantage of the opportunities that are given to you in life. If Bill Gates did not go to the expensive high-school, Lakeside School then he never would have fallen in love with coding. Lakeside School just happened to buy a terminal that Bill Gates used to learn coding. Most high-schools did not buy these terminals. Potentially if Lakeside school never bought that terminal, Bill Gates would not have fallen in love with coding at a young age, and Microsoft, Google, and key elements in Apple would’ve never existed.  In life we’re given opportunity after opportunity. It’s up to us to choose to chase down those opportunities and experience the experiences that come from them. And that’s where my idea of life being a buffet. Experience as much as you can, learn as much as you can, and make as many great friendships and relationships as you can before you lose the opportunities.

I look at the world and I see opportunity everywhere. Looking at the world in this way has given me the blessing of understanding life, people, and my experiences in such radical ways. I am able to grasp life and live to the fullest potential that I am trying to reach by embracing all the opportunity around me and experiencing that opportunity and ultimately learning from that opportunity.

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