Are You Replaceable?

Are you replaceable at your work, your sports team, the relationship you’re in, or in your business? Can people see your effort, care, and value that you have in whatever you’re doing? Is there someone who can do what you’re doing better with more care and heart? Have you ever realized that you could be replaced any day in your life?

These are questions to ask yourself to enable self-improvement. As a business owner, worker of 3 jobs, and someone who is constantly looking for more opportunity to get involved with – I often think if what I am doing is to the best of my ability.

This is something that I am personally convicted of daily. Honestly each and every day I feel tugs at my inner most being as if I am being the absolute best I can possibly be. I get extremely upset at myself if I feel that I am not being productive or doing my best for things that really matter. For me it’s a constant struggle with spreading myself to thin by being involved in SO MUCH. I take the phrase “opportunity is everywhere” to an entire new level. But, I have to be able to have the maturity and the wisdom to step back and evaluate my work ethic and results. I’ve got think to myself – Is this the best I can do? I often think “Don’t ever limit to what you can do by doing less, Do More!” But is there a possibility that I actually limit myself with doing so much? Because my quality of work might be so stretched with everything that I am doing? Possibly.

At the end of the day whether you’re involved in a hundred different things or 3 different things – Are you doing it to the best of your ability? Do people enjoy being around you, do they feel confident and actually feel that they can work better through your positive and uplifting presence? Are you producing results and on time?

This is one of the most important things I press on people when I have people work for me – RESULTS.

The “Am I replaceable?” question plays extremely important in the fast food industry because jobs come and go. I work at Chick-Fil-A where the jobs are incredibly easy. Everyone in a fast-food restaurant is replaceable because of how easy the jobs are. But there are two ways to interpret that –
*All jobs are replaceable in fast-food*
“Oh No! Dangit! I’m replaceable! I better be looking for another job… then another job….”
*All jobs are replaceable in fast-food*
“This is an excellent opportunity where I can prove that wrong. I am so blessed that people believe that because it enables me to be proof and example that it’s wrong. I can be such a hard worker, working with diligence and respect, I can be such a caring worker, valuing my co-workers and valuing customers, and then I will make that statement INCORRECT.”

That is an incredible mindset to have. That mindset is how you drag yourself out of a 50k debt and move yourself into making 6 figures a year and providing opportunity for all your kids to receive a great education. Providing opportunity for you to use that money in humanitarian service towards the impact and value to your community. That mindset will re-direct you onto a NEW path towards your bosses job. Instead of you working to KEEP your job and make yourself irreplaceable – you COULD actually be gunning for your bosses job. You could be on a path to double your salary by the end of the year – but it all starts with how you choose to improve the way you think and improve your work ethic. Decide if you will do the bare minimum or change now.

– 17, Jeremy Miller

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