Void is my passion.

The name “Void” comes from my testimony. In 2014 I understood what it meant to develop a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. I got saved in 2014. I filled the Void in my soul with Jesus Christ. Before I did that – I was empty, hopeless, and bland. I felt no enthusiasm and I did not feel a purpose in my life. I struggled with my identity because of evil things that happened to me in my early childhood. I needed to fill the emptiness inside of me. I looked to the world for answers. I asked the world how I can fill the emptiness in my soul. I had no purpose, hope, joy,  fulfillment, or passion. The world told me that drugs, sex, and smoking would lead to those aspects of life which I was longing for. Incredibly dark and complex story cut short – I ended up understanding that worldly things cannot fill the needs in my life. The world could not offer anything to Fill The Void in my soul.

Void is what I spend most of my mental and physical energy on. Void will be my vehicle to drive me to helping a lot of people and enable me to Do Great things. I believe Void can do special things in this life. I believe it will unite a community of people together locally (& eventually worldwide). I believe in can inspire people to pick up their feet and pursue excellence. I believe Void can be an example to show people that the only factor in life that restrains them to pursue their passion and flip their dreams into reality is themselves.
The core of Void is grounded with educated thought and wisdom to pursue excellence and significance. Void takes on the core values and beliefs that Jesus Christ once did – maintaining a purpose in life to serve others with the intent to provide love and excellence in their life rather than constantly looking at how our-self can benefit from a situation. I believe this world and culture is too self-centered and thinking how they can benefit from each-other rather than pouring into the lives of others. I believe this world needs a spark of energy to focus on simply helping other people for the mere fact of love and service. Serving others humbly is the greatest thing you can do to understand Joy.

I Believe Void can create a change in this culture and invoke hope in peoples lives. To serve others for the benefit of helping another human beings. To inspire them to do what they love and pursue their passion. And ultimately improve them self as a human being.

V   o     i             d

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